Principal Marc Buljan

Image of Article on Principal Marc Buljan; Professional Photography-By Emilie Bourdages, www.bourdagesphotography.comIt was really nice chatting with Principal Marc Buljan and getting to know a little more about IB schools and how they cater to the way are brains tend to operate, focusing on stimulating both right and left brain activity. My cousin is a brain surgeon and his stories about the brain have always been fascinating to me. It was really interesting hear Marc’s insight during our photo shoot together.

If you are interested in learning more about IB schools,  and how they work, or the IB organization you can visit the website link here and also see a few highlights in the information that came directly from the organization’s website below:

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) does not own, operate or manage any schools. Instead, we work in partnership with 3,621 IB World Schools in 145 countries who offer our programmes. These schools:

  • share the mission and commitment of the IB to quality international education
  • have been authorized by the IB to offer one or more of our three programmes
  • play an active and supporting role in the worldwide community of IB schools
  • share their knowledge and experience in the development of the IB programmes
  • are committed to the professional development of teachers.


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